RapidPass for the Win

Education Corner

Get ready, humanity. Saving lives has become even more accessible and 15 minutes faster! If you’re familiar with the traditional blood donation process, you know that there is a pre-reading, along with several questions you are required to complete before donating. From the comfort of your home, office, or on the go, a new tool called RapidPass allows you to complete this online before donating. Completing this before your appointment or walk in donation can save you up to 15 minutes! Whether you’ll use this extra time to wait in line for that extra cup of coffee you don’t need or stalk your ex on Facebook, the possibilities are truly endless with RapidPass!

To use RapidPass, simply:

1.       Visit redcrossblood.org/RapidPass

2.       Read the information and answer the questions

3.       Print the pass or email it to yourself to present at the drive

It’s important to remember that RapidPass can only be completed on the same day as the blood drive you plan to attend. It does not take the place of planning ahead and scheduling an appointment to cut your wait time.

By giving yourself the gift of a quicker donation process, you can give others the gift of blood with more ease, and a few extra minutes of “you time.”