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Why You Should Volunteer in 2016

The American Red Cross is an organization founded on the principles of preventing and alleviating human suffering through its volunteers and donors. Contrary to public opinion, the Red Cross does much more than just collecting blood. The organization is also committed to providing CPR Training, teaching disaster preparation, and collecting money for other charity organization, like Penn State’s own THON! The Penn State chapter will soon offer CPR instruction to people who would like or need instruction for their jobs or commitments, which might need someone who is prepared with CPR training. Disaster prevention is one of the lesser known services that the American Red Cross provides, but it is also one of the most important in changing people’s lives. The disaster prevention and emergency assistance Red Cross volunteers are “helping thousands of people in Louisiana affected by devastating flooding, likely the worst natural disaster since Superstorm Sandy in 2012. Brad Kieserman, vice president, Disaster Services Operations and Logistics for the Red Cross. Also stated that; “We are mobilizing a massive relief effort with volunteers providing shelter, food and comfort right now. The Red Cross is also sending in additional relief supplies and volunteers to expand our response in the coming days.”( It is estimated that 10,600 people in Louisiana sought shelter in over 50 of their local Red Cross and community shelters on Sunday night to escape from the deadly conditions outside. Hopefully, our community in State College will not be affected by anything remotely this bad, but the Red Cross is making sure that people are prepared anyway. Locally, the Red Cross chapter started an initiative to ensure that everyone has a smoke detector in their house that could save their lives in case of a fire or other poisonous air conditions within their house. The Student Red Cross Club is actively involved in the Penn State Dance Marathon, or THON. They have two amazing families, the Heck family and the Angus family and have joined these families to help combat pediatric cancer through their participation and collection for the dance marathon. All of these services that the Red Cross provides are through the generosity of donors as well as the actions of their volunteers, who give their time to make their community a better place. This is why, if you get the chance, give some thought to volunteering for the Red Cross.

Student Red Cross Club 2015-2016 Recap

Last year was an exciting and successful year for the Penn State Student Red Cross Club.  The year started off successfully with the Michigan State Blood Drive Challenge, in which the Penn State and Michigan State student Red Cross clubs were pitted against each other to see who could collect the most blood in the span of two weeks.  Although the smaller of the two clubs, Penn State came out on top collecting 992 units against the 954 collected by Michigan State despite a huge early deficit. This contest was hugely successful, and could help impact the lives of almost six thousand individuals between the two schools! The club also was a part of several on campus activities, including walking in the homecoming parade, walking in the Relay For Life to raise money for cancer research, and participating in THON! THON was tremendously important to the Club, as the club has two THON families, the Heck and Angus families, whom the club visited several times over the course of the year. The club also went canning for THON to raise funds towards the total. Lastly, several members of the club went to THON and danced on the floor in the annual 46-hour dance marathon, which raised a total of $9,770,332.32 towards fighting pediatric cancer. Chalk last year up as a successful year for the Penn State Student Red Cross Club and together we will make this year will be even better!

First Week of Classes

The Student Red Cross Club has lots of fun things planned for the first week of classes! The Involvement Fair is Monday, August 22 from 11am-4pm on the HUB lawn.  This is our chance to show other students what SRCC is all about and to get new members to join! We would love to see everyone at the table at some point during the day to promote our club and show people how great our club is.

The Student Red Cross Club has organized a social on Friday August 26  at Sam’s place, more info to come later. And last but certainly not least, on Saturday August 27 there will be a day social. So be sure to come to these awesome events and we look forward to having a great first week of classes!