The Red Cross Partners with 9/11 Day to save lives in commemoration of the September 11th attacks.

On the fifteenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, The Red Cross is teaming with 9/11 day to observe the day by saving lives through the donation of blood and platelets.

9/11 Day is an organization dedicated to honoring the victims and heroes of that day through community service. It has evolved into the largest day of charitable activities in the United States and has now been reserved as a national day of service and remembrance by the U.S. Government.

The Red Cross needs approximately 14,000 blood donations every day to help improve and even save lives in over 2,600 health care centers around the country. This partnership with 9/11 day will help the Red Cross to meet and even exceed that goal through the generosity of their donors and volunteers.

Donna M. Morrissey, director of national partnerships, Red Cross Biomedical Services gave a statement, saying; “The Red Cross is proud to join 9/11 Day and empower members of our communities to give blood and volunteer to commemorate this anniversary while making a profound contribution to community preparedness. Let us honor the memory of those who gave so much to help others, and do our part to help those in need this September.”

Those who would like to donate or volunteer on this day of service are encouraged to do so via or through their local Red Cross chapter to find an opportunity to commemorate September 11th with the Red Cross and 9/11 Day.