American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month and there is no better way to celebrate it than with the Penn State Red Cross Club! The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recognizes this month and the need for knowledge about heart disease, prevention, and treatment. Heart disease is the leading killer of American men and women, so odds are most people know someone who has died from this disease. One of the necessities for the treatment of heart disease is blood for the various surgeries that may be vital to save lives. So, what can you do to help? One thing that you can do is donate blood at a local blood drive organized by the Red Cross, or volunteer to help those who are donating their blood at one of the blood dives in and around campus. Also, staying healthy is important as well for the prevention of heart disease; so make sure that you sign up for the inaugural Run for Red 5k on Saturday, March 25th to help support the club and to maintain a healthy lifestyle! We look forward to seeing you there!