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Blood Drive Challenge!


This challenge is a competition between PSU and MSU communities to see who can collect more blood over the time period through their blood drives.

This year, the drives ran October-November and although we gave it a valiant effort, Michigan took the win by only 2 units of blood! Great job Michigan State!

Next year we are ready to give it our all and are hopeful to take the win!

Did you know…

If you donate whole blood ,  you must wait up to 56 days until you are eligible again. If you donate Power Red, you must wait up to 112 days until you can donate again.

This allows for your blood to properly replenish themselves!   

Blood 101: Donation Process

Have you ever wondered what happened to your blood after donating?

To make the journey from “arm to arm”,  every unit goes through a series of steps and tests to ensure that it is as safe as can be.

Step 1: The Donation: 1 pint of blood and several small test tubes are                                            collected from each donor

Step 2: Processing: Blood in spun in centrifuges to separate the transfusable                             components – red cells, platelets, and plasma

Step 3: Testing: A dozen tests are preformed on each unit of donated blood –  to                     establish the blood type and test for infectious disease

Step 4: Storage: When test results are received, units suitable for transfusion are                    labeled  and stored

Step 5: Distribution: Blood is available to be shipped to hospitals 24 hours a day,                 7 days a week.


Donor Story with Melody

When she was 17 years old, Melody collapsed at school and was rushed to the hospital with severe anemia. Her father made a request for blood donors at his work place and 100 men stepped up to donate blood for Melody that day. She now seeks to thank and repay those 100 donors with her own lifelong commitment to blood donation.

West Halls Blood Drive

Looking to donate blood? Don’t worry, we’ll provide the date, location and everything else, all we need is you and your donating arm!

On Monday, October 2nd from 1pm-7pm, a blood drive is being hosted in West Halls! Our goal is to collect 48 units and with your help, we can reach – and surpass – that goal!

If you want to make a donation appointment, visit or contact to receive help in scheduling an appointment. If you are unable to donate, but still want to participate at the drive, you can sign up to work a shift at

We look forward to meeting you soon and we appreciate your willingness to make a difference!

Blood 101: Importance of Blood Type O

Calling all blood Type O’ers of the world! This message is for you!



Type O negative is the universal red cell donor, while Type O positive is the most common blood type.

Have you ever wondered why Type O is called the universal donor? It’s because Type O blood can be given to a person with any other type of blood! Yep, types O, A, B and AB can all receive Type O blood.

Donate Blood for Little Girls Like Molly

Donating blood is a pretty simple thing to do, right? I mean hey, you answer a couple questions, lay on a table for about 10 minutes to get your blood drawn, then have some juice and snacks afterwards to recover! After this, you go on to live your normal life while your donated blood goes on to save a life.

Have you ever thought about what kind of person receives your blood? Where it goes and why it matters? Let this little, joy-filled girl named Molly give you an inkling as to why donating your blood makes such a positive impact in the lives of others.