Club Information

We are a Penn State University Club that is associated with the American Red Cross. Many of our goals are closely related and we assist in the Red Cross in getting blood donations to patients that need it. These patients are cancer patients, trauma victims, and genetically pre-disposed patients with diseases.

We have decided to organize our club into four different categories to ensure that we can conquer all of the exciting goals we come up with every year! The following are the four different committees that you can join:

Chapter Services focuses on the other branches of the Red Cross that are not related to blood donations. This committee focuses on other volunteer efforts such as disaster relief, health & safety, military/youth, and international humanitarian law. Although this a new committee for our Penn State Club, we have done many things to allow it to grow. We do events during 9/11, Veterans Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Thanksgiving, and more. We are striving to grow and so if you have new ideas and are willing to think outside the box, this committee is for you!


Public Relations is the face of our club. They are constantly looking for new ways to get our name out there from social media tactics to things as simple as posters/flyers. Creativity is key in this committee but also the willingness to work hard. It’s not easy to run around campus letting students know what we are trying to achieve so coming up with new ideas to efficiently do it is our next step. Join this committee and learn about the concept of persuasion.


Biomedical is everything related to blood drives. You are in this committee to really help out with making the blood drives an unforgettable experience. Not only are you looking for donors to enhance the experience, but you are also helping save lives. You’ll learn that in this committee, you’ll build a bond and strong importance when it comes to reaching the goals at blood drives.


Special events is all the events that are not blood drives. This committee deals with all the social events as well as events that most other clubs join in on around campus such as THON. Special events also deals with 5Ks and other fundraising ideas. The possibilities are endless. Whatever you feel passionate about, our club attempts to join in on it because we are a family and we believe that service is important as well as building a bond together.