Information About New Positions

All Positions will be available. To apply for any of the positions an email must be sent to ‘’. Please CC the following with your applications to be considered:

 Deadline to Apply: March 24th, 2017 at 5pm.

Email Subject: Leadership Application- First, Last Name

  • In the email, the following must be ATTACHED (PDF):
  1. Cover Letter: This portion indicates the top 4 choices, listing priorities. This also will include information based on why you think you should get the position, skills, past experience (whether in the club),
  2. Resume (Includes ALL extracurricular activities – Clubs, Jobs, TA/LA Positions, Research, Extra outside classes for certifications)
  3. Availability: Either when you are available or all the times you are NOT available. Also include the hours you have so far.
  4. Please copy and paste the statement into your email to indicate that you have read and acknowledged the following:

“ I have until April 21st , 2017 to have all my required hours in and verified if I am given a leadership position. If I do not have all of my hours, I acknowledged that my position will be given up even if I have a tentative acceptance”

  • All can apply but the following must be met by April 21st, 2017:
  1. Must be an On Site Student Coordinator (OSC)
  2. Must have at least 15 OSC hours or blood drive volunteer hours
  3. Must have at least 4 meetings
  4. Must have at least 4 club hours
  • Note: Substitutions are allowed! The following are substitutions allowed after the minimum has been met:
  1. 2 Club hours/ Meeting hours: Substitutes for 1 volunteer hour
  2. 2 Club hours: Substitutes for 1 meeting
  • ** Below will state “up to”… you are able to earn more hours if you have met the minimum stated above. Up to only implies for when you have not reached the minimum to use substitutions. **
  • The following counts for Club Hours:
  1. Red Cross Breakfast Recognition: March 18th (Saturday)
    • Location: Celebration Hall
    • Time: 9am- Saturday
    • Counts towards 1 Club Hour
  2. All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Dinner
    • Location: St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
    • Time: 5:30-8pm
    • When: March 27th, 2017
    • Cost: $5.00
    • Up to 2 hours towards Club Hours
  3. PSU Relay for Life
    • Location: HUB Lawn
    • Time: 24 hours
    • When: April 8th, 2017
    • Cost: $10.00
    • Team: Student Red Cross Club
    • Invite a friend for an additional hour!
    • Up to 3 hours towards Club Hours

Non-Detailed Positions are below if you have more questions about certain positions feel free to email the person who is already in that position:


  1. President
    1. Must be able to plan the entire year out with flexibility to add events when needed.
    2. Must be outgoing, assertive, yet patient.
    3. Assist in activities within the club
    4. Resolve any dilemmas that may arise.
    5. Work with other clubs to collaborate for specific events
    6. Be able to check in with individuals for progress
  2. Vice President
    1. In charge of all Directors
      • Each director is in charge of a committee to ensure things get done, to organize, and put an emphasis on specific items that are done throughout the year.
    2. Will also assist the president in forming meeting minutes
    3. Ensures that things get done within the club.
    4. Assist the directors in communicating to one another on needs for specific events.
  3. Treasurer
  1. The treasurer will work along side the advisor mainly but also many of the HUB staff at PSU.
  2. This requires a very outgoing person who is very attentive.
  3. Look at balances and give biweekly progress reports and give red flags when the account has reached a low.
  4. Book HUB Blood drive’s in a year in advance
  5. Work along side UPAC to ensure funding is there to assist in paying for the blood drives.
  6. Responsible for reimbursement for club activities.

4. Secretary

  1. Send out Weekly Emails to the List serve
  2. Verify all hours – Blood drives, special Events, Etc.
  3. Record hours at meetings
  4. Create notes for the meeting as well as recording them
  5. Secretary ensures everything is recorded and organized.
  6. Position requires an organization and at times creative writing.


Directors: Director positions are leaders that are specialized in a branch. They will often be working along side other directors to ensure the event is a success.

  1. Public Relations Director
    1. Ability to Multi-Task
    2. In charge of all PR platforms that includes but is not limited to social media, flyers, posters, Websites
    3. Social Events
    4. Assist with designing and ensuring all deadlines are met.
  2. Chapter Services Director
    1. Ability to be Creative
    2. This position represents all other activities that are not related to the blood drive
    3. 9/11
    4. Veterans day
    5. Thanksgiving Drive
    6. Alternative Fundraising Ideas
    7. In charge of the other attributes of the American red cross
      • International Humanitarian Law
      • Health and Safety
      • Military
      • Youth
      • Disaster Relief
  1. Special Events Director
    1. Ability to be organized and assertive
    2. Pancake Dinner Fundraiser : Fall Event/ Spring Event
    3. THON
    4. Relay for Life
    5. Mud Love Fundraiser
    6. Gala
  2. Biomedical Director
    1. Ability to do last minute activities
    2. In charge of all things related to Blood drives
    3. Assisting with recruiting OSC and teaching the course
    4. Sponsorship of greek, food, and corporate
    5. Blood drive interactions


  1. Health and Safety Captain: CPR Instructor
    1. Under Chapter Services Director
    2. In charge of teaching CPR Monthly (volunteer)
    3. Must be rising sophomore
    4. Must be able to dedicate time and availability to this position to not only teach SRCC members but also other clubs within the University.
  2. Alumni Relationship Captain
    1. Under Public Relations Director
    2. In charge of all content going out on the media
    3. Connecting not only alumni but also other students and community members.
  3. Media Captain
    1. Under Public Relations Director
    2. In charge of all platforms that includes, social media via twitter, Instagram, Facebook , Personal Website
  4. Design Captain
    1. Under Public Relation Director
    2. Design all flyers, posters, websites.
    3. Can you a collection of photographs, the sky is honestly the limit with this position.
    4. You are the Face of the Club
  5. Pancake Dinner Captain
    1. Under Special Events Director
    2. Assist in the event
    3. Recruitment
    4. Sponsorships
    5. Greek Life Collaborations
    6. Assist with other special Events
  6. Relay for Life Captain
    1. Under Special Events Director
    2. Recruitment to join the SRCC team
    3. Will lead the team at Relay for Life
    4. Spread the word about Relay for Life
    5. Fundraise
    6. Assist with other special events
  7. THON Captain
    1. Under Special Events Director
    2. Fundraising
    3. Getting the club hype for THON
    4. Family meet-up events
    5. In charge of all THON related items
    6. Spread the word about THON
    7. Assist with other special events
  8. Sponsorship Captain
    1. Under Bio-Medical Director
    2. In charge of getting all the food sponsors to ensure the blood drive donors are able to get a treat for their service and assist their health after their generous donation
    3. Also assist in getting corporate sponsorships in order to assist in our day to day activities as well as blood drives/challenges
  9. OSC Captain
    1. Under Bio-medical Director
    2. The OSC Captain ensures that all blood drives have an OSC for every hour
    3. Trains new OSCs
    4. Ensures that all members within the club are OSCs
    5. Recruitment of OSCs
  10. 5K Captain:
    1. Under Chapter Services Director
    2. In charge of getting the Spring 5K going
    3. Talking to UPAC, HUB staff and getting all the paperwork done
    4. Getting sponsorships and figuring out the logistics come race day
    5. Also assist in getting the word out there.