Information About New Positions

All Positions will be available. To apply for any of the positions an email must be sent to ‘’. Please CC the following with your applications to be considered:

Deadlines to Apply:

Executive Board:

  • November 3, 2018 at 8 pm

Director Positions:

  • November 10, 2018 at 8 pm

Captain Positions:

  • November 18, 2018 at 8 pm

Email Subject: Leadership Application- First and Last Name

  • In the email, the following must be ATTACHED (PDF):
  1. Application: This portion indicates the top 3 choices, listing priorities. This also will include information based on why you think you should get the position, skills, past experience (whether in the club),
  2. Resume (Includes ALL extracurricular activities – Clubs, Jobs, TA/LA Positions, Research, Extra outside classes for certifications)
  3. Availability: Either when you are available or all the times you are NOT available. Also include the hours you have so far for OSC shifts and club meetings attended.
  4. Please copy and paste the statement into your email to indicate that you have read and acknowledged the following:

“ I have until November 30, 2018 to have all my required hours in and verified if I am given a leadership position. If I do not have all of my hours, I acknowledged that my position will be given up even if I have a tentative acceptance.”

  • All can apply but the following must be met by November 30, 2018:
  1. Must be an On-Site Student Coordinator (OSC)
  2. Must have at least 10 OSC hours or blood drive volunteer hours
  3. Must have at least 5 meeting hours


  • Use the link below to access the application.  This should be submitted in the same email as the resume and the statement above, along with hours completed.
  • SRCCleadershipapplication2019

Available Positions for Spring 2019 and Fall 2019:

Executive Board


  • Plans and coordinates all officer and general body meetings
  • Coordinates club projects and activities
  • Works with Regional and National Red Cross representatives, as well as PSU organization representatives
  • Organizes projects with rest of the executive board, directors, and captains

Vice President

  • Assists the President in planning meetings, projects, and other club functions
  • Responsible for planning officer beginning of the year meetings
  • Attends Council of the Lionhearts meetings and Regional/National calls as needed
  • Coordinates with directors on projects


  • Reserves rooms for blood drives on and off campus
  • Track club financials, gather weekly reports, report any red flags
  • Work with UPAC and Red Cross on donations
  • Responsible for reimbursement for club activities


  • Sends weekly emails from the ListServe and other emails as needed
  • Verifies hours for blood drives and service events
  • Takes notes from club meetings, both officer and general body meetings
  • Organizes paperwork in the office



Public Relations Director

  • Responsible for posters, website, and advertising
  • Coordinates with other directors to create advertisements for events
  • Creates t-shirt designs for club members, events, and blood drives
  • Coordinates with PSU marketing and Regional Red Cross for advertising needs

Chapter Services Director

  • Responsible for volunteer service activities
  • Works with Red Cross representatives and other PSU organizations on projects
  • Generates new ideas for service projects and encourages club members to get involved
  • Promotes projects on campus and the surrounding area
  • Responsible for CPR training, Disaster Relief efforts, Military Support, Youth Outreach, Health and Safety, and International Humanitarian Law

Special Events Director

  • Responsible for fundraising efforts and socials
  • Coordinates with other directors and club members to organize and promote socials and activities
  • Raises money for THON and coordinates THON activities and participation
  • Works on events like Pancake Dinners, PuraVida fundraisers, Relay for Life, picnics, creamery socials, etc.

Biomedical Director

  • Responsible for everything related to the blood drives
  • Assists in OSC recruitment and training
  • Coordinates sponsorship and Greek Life participation
  • Organizes all blood drive related events and activities



Marketing Captain (Public Relations Committee)

  • Assists the Public Relations Director in promoting SRCC events
  • Coordinates with PSU marketing and Red Cross representatives
  • Assists the Public Relations Director with other related projects

Website Captain (Public Relations Committee)

  • Maintains the SRCC website
  • Updates content on the website weekly
  • Posts corrections to office hours and displays new activities on the main page
  • Keeps track of all related timelines and payments associated with the website

Healthy and Safety Captain (Chapter Services Committee)

  • Coordinates with Red Cross to set up CPR training dates for members
  • Works with Chapter Services Director to run Scrubby Bear
  • Assists the Chapter Services Director with other related service events

Outreach Captain (Chapter Services Committee)

  • Assists the Chapter Services Director with community service events
  • Coordinates with Red Cross, Penn State organizations, and other sponsoring groups to organize and run service projects
  • Promotes SRCC club participation in service events
  • Helps to create ideas for other service projects

Fundraising Captain (Special Events Committee)

  • Assists the Special Events Director in fundraising and social events
  • Coordinates and organizes fundraisers for the club and other charities
  • Works alongside other organizations as needed

THON Captain (Special Events Committee)

  • Coordinates all related THON fundraisers and activities
  • Responsible for knowing related THON rules and regulations
  • Liaisons with THON committees and SRCC THON families
  • Assists Special Events Director with other events as needed

OSC Captain (Biomedical Committee)

  • Trains and recruits new OSCs
  • Works closely with Red Cross blood drive representatives
  • Ensures there is an OSC for every shift of every drive
  • Works closely with Biomedical Director to keep blood drives running smoothly

Sponsorship Captain (Biomedical Committee)

  • Responsible for finding sponsors for blood drives
  • Coordinates with Red Cross representative and Biomedical Director
  • Assists in finding additional sponsors for themed blood drives
  • Works with other directors to find sponsors for other events as needed