Information About New Positions

All Positions will be available. To apply for any of the positions an email must be sent to ‘’. Please CC the following with your applications to be considered:

 Deadline to Apply: November 11th, 2017 at 8pm.

Email Subject: Leadership Application- First and Last Name

  • In the email, the following must be ATTACHED (PDF):
  1. Application: This portion indicates the top 3 choices, listing priorities. This also will include information based on why you think you should get the position, skills, past experience (whether in the club),
  2. Resume (Includes ALL extracurricular activities – Clubs, Jobs, TA/LA Positions, Research, Extra outside classes for certifications)
  3. Availability: Either when you are available or all the times you are NOT available. Also include the hours you have so far for OSC shifts and club meetings attended.
  4. Please copy and paste the statement into your email to indicate that you have read and acknowledged the following:

“ I have until December 8th , 2017 to have all my required hours in and verified if I am given a leadership position. If I do not have all of my hours, I acknowledged that my position will be given up even if I have a tentative acceptance.”

  • All can apply but the following must be met by December 8, 2017:
  1. Must be an On Site Student Coordinator (OSC)
  2. Must have at least 15 OSC hours or blood drive volunteer hours
  3. Must have at least 5 meeting hours
  4. Must have at least 5 activity hours (Pancake Dinner, Hurricane Relief, MudLove, etc.)


  • Use the link below to access the application.  This should be submitted in the same email as the resume and the statement above, along with hours completed.
  • SRCCleadershipapplication2017-2018 (6)

Available Positions for Fall 2017:


  • Works with the rest of the Executive Board and Directors
  • Sends emails reminding people of meetings and post meeting recap emails
  • Updates ListServ
  • Verifies volunteer hours for blood drives and other events
  • Keeps track of meeting topics and reminders for email recaps
  • Sends out other reminders as needed
PR Committee

Webmaster Captain

  • Under Public Relation Director
  • Update the website as needed
  • Ability to redesign the website
  • Familiarity with WordPress encouraged, but not required
Special Events Committee

THON Captain

  • Under Special Events Director
  • Fundraising
  • Getting the club hyped for THON
  • Family meet-up events
  • In charge of all THON related items
  • Spread the word about THON
  • Assist with other special events
  • Preferred familiarity with THON


Chapter Services Committee

Chapter Services Co-Director

  • Works as a co-director with the current director for Spring 2018 and will be solo director for Fall 2018
  • Coordinates with other directors and the executive board
  • Works with and organizes captains and chairs in Chapter Services Committee
  • Leads non-blood drive related projects
  • Collaborates with the regional Red Cross on service projects
  • Develops new project ideas and executes them efficiently

Outreach Captain

  • Under Chapter Services Director
  • Assists in promoting and organizing projects
  • Aids in recruiting members to help/attend
  • Helps with fundraisers as necessary
  • Can help to find new outreach projects to participate in