Leadership Opportunities

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We will continue to update this page as more opportunities of leadership come up throughout the semester. Check back often as we will try to get the message out to you because we want you a part of our team!  Announcements on new opportunities will be announced first at our weekly meetings which can be found on our calendar.

Title: Officer Positions for Fall 2018

Brief Job Description: Officer Positions for the Fall of 2018 and some positions that carry through to the Spring of 2019 are available now!  See the “Information About New Positions” page for more information.
Level of difficulty: Varying


Title: Onsite Student Coordinator (OSC)

Brief Job Description: Take charge of the volunteers that are volunteering at the Blood Drives on Campus
Level of difficulty: EASY
What is an On-Site Student Coordinator (OSC)?

An OSC is a student volunteer that has had training in order to become the leader of a shift at a blood drive. The OSC is not only a shining example to other volunteers but also a team player. He/she ensures that the blood drive runs smoothly and that donors feel comfortable and safe. An OSC helps to show each volunteer at the drive how to do his/her job properly, and ensures that the volunteers continue to do the assigned job correctly throughout the shift.  The OSC also talks with donors throughout the shift and answers any questions that they have.  If an OSC does not know the answer to a donation based question, they can refer the donor to the charge nurse. This opportunity allows you to get out of your shell and meet new people! It also will give you the opportunity to think on your feet. We always need OSCs and you will become an important member of our team.

Training Involved to Become an OSC

To become an OSC, everyone must go to a classroom training session during the semester.  These sessions are 30-45 minutes long and are announced at SRCC meetings, through emails to the club, or can be found by emailing the OSC coordinator.  During this training session, everyone will receive more information on what an OSC does and how to run a blood drive.  You will also receive papers on shadowing a mentoring OSC for an opening and closing hour of the blood drive.  These papers must be filled out before training can be considered complete. We will never put you in a situation where you are uncomfortable or clueless. There will always be someone you can contact when you are in a situation you do not know how to handle.

Why Become an OSC?

The OSC position is a basic leadership position that only takes a week or so of training.  This position looks great on a resume and is available for anyone that has an interest in blood drives or the Red Cross.  If you are interested in becoming an OSC, please contact our On-Site Coordinator Captain. This opportunity is amazing as you’ll soon be able to meet people that we generally don’t have the opportunity to meet or are too shy to meet. Everyone is friendly and has the same end goal.