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Breast Cancer ribbon

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Photo Credit: MyRadiotherapy.com

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the United States. This month, the Red Cross encourages donors to give blood to support cancer patients and others who might be in need of life saving blood donations.

Breast Cancer is the second most common cancer among women in the U.S., and Breast cancer patients may need blood donations during chemotherapy, mastectomy surgery or other treatments.
By giving blood during this month, you are helping the patients who suffer from Breast Cancer make it through another day. These people need blood and donor supply is the only way to get blood to them if they need a transfusion.
So please give blood this month to help those who have all forms of cancer and other life threatening diseases or injuries. No matter your blood type, but especially those with O negative, B negative, A negative and AB blood, if you can give blood, please do to help others who need it.
To make an appointment to donate blood, download the Red Cross Blood Donor App, visit redcrossblood.org or call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767).