What is THON?

THON, short for Penn State Dance Marathon, is a student-run philanthropy that culminates each February in a 46 hour no sitting and no sleeping dance marathon. The efforts of more than 15,000 student volunteers aid The Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Hershey Medical Center. The fund specifically supports pediatric cancer patients and their families as well as researchers and staff members of The Four Diamonds Fund.

The Angus Family

The Anguses, or Angi as we like to call them, have been paired with our organization since 2005. SRCC visits them often to celebrate birthdays, grill some world famous Angus burgers, raise money for THON, and occassionally to spar in a match of laser-tag! Gabe was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 4. He and his family overcame his illness together with the support of The Four Diamonds Fund and now celebrate each year by organizing a group of runners to travel 135 miles from the Hershey Medical Center through the harsh winter weather to deliver messages of thanks to the students dancing at THON. You can learn more about their inspirational run at http://thehopeexpress.org/ftk/.

The Heck Family

The Hecks are the newest edition to our SRCC family, being paired since Fall 2009. Fisher passed his two year cancer-free mark over the summer and just started Kindergarten this fall! Fisher loves coloring, spider-man, toy trucks, and duck duck goose. His older sister Breanne loves cheerleading and is a prospective Penn Stater. SRCC loves spending as much time with the Hecks as possible!

Embarrass the Officers

Embarrass the Officers is a fundraiser for THON that has been run annually at every meeting. We collect change and if the club raises over $50 then the officers are asked to do something embarrassing at the next meeting.

October 25, 2010


THON 2011: Together Without Limits
Chairs: Erica Friel, Mark McCuen
Dancers: Mike Jen, Caroline Pember, Christine Theberge, Darla Zecchin
Total: $50,265.29
THON 2006: Together We'll Prevail
Chair: Katie Lewis
Dancers: Kathy Anderson, Toni Gibson, Rachel Rodgers, Jennifer Wilson-Dammous
Total: $7,300.00
THON 2010: Love Belongs Here
Chair: Jim Harvey
Dancers: Tory Miksiewicz, Kathleen Regan, Rino Sato, Alexander Toner
Total: $53,663.41
THON 2005: Embracing Dreams, Sharing Tomorrow
Chair: Travis Hoffmann
Dancers: Ellen Archibald, Wes Cronkite
THON 2009: Dream Forward
Chair: Jim Harvey
Dancers: Julie Agee, Monique D'Entremont, Kari Haffelfinger, Meryl Surks
Total: $31,803.35
THON 2004: Always Believing
Chair: Jenn Galgon
Dancers: Nikole Brake, Ashley Flannery, Travis Hoffmann, Christi Kolarcik
Total: $8,262.57
THON 2008: Hope Finds A Way
Chair: Emily Ritter
Dancers: Jessica Havern, Emily Ritter, Jenn Schweighauser, Rachel Walla
Total: $17,170.70
THON 2003: Hope Surrounds Us
Chair: Sam Batt
Dancers: Leah, Pamela, Sam, Sharon
Total: $11,979.94
THON 2007: Many Hearts, One Home
Chair: Patty Alonso
Dancers: Nicole Quirk, Maggie Gordan
Total: $15,232.60
THON 2002: ...With All Your Heart
Chair: Kim Kennedy
Dancers: Sam Batt, Amanda Heverling
Total: $4,418.57

THON ListServ

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To contact Erica and Mark email: SRCCFTK@gmail.com
For more information about THON go to: http://www.thon.org
For more information about The Four Diamonds Fund go to: http://pennstatehershey.org/web/fourdiamonds/home
For more information about Hope Express go to: http://thehopeexpress.org/ftk/
To donate to THON go to: https://secure.imodules.com/s/1218/thon/thon.aspx?sid=1218&gid;=1&pgid;=671&cid;=2344