Volunteer Opportunities

Have you ever wanted to be a part of something BIG?

Penn State University has one of the biggest Student Red Cross Clubs in the nation. Our success is due to students and donors like you who come out and help at these blood drives.

Are you new or would like to get back into volunteering?
Please visit: volunteer.psu.edu/redcross

Here is more information about what your experience will be like volunteering with us!

You will be greeted by a leader, specifically the On-site Coordinator (OSC), who will sign you in. You will then be assigned one of the following positions:

  1. Greeter
  2. Canteen
  3. Walker
  4. Traffic Controller
  5. Recruiter

Each time you come and volunteer, you may be assigned the same position or a very different one based on where you are needed. Please be advised that as volunteers you become the face of not only the Student Red Cross Club but also the American Red Cross and Penn State. We pride ourselves in our amazing volunteers who are interactive, kind, and a pleasure to talk to. We are not just there to make every blood donation an amazing experience for our donors but to also make new friends. By getting along with those around you, it makes it a welcoming experience for all future volunteers and donors.

We also expect all cellphones to be put on silent and put away due to the responsibilities you take on as volunteers. Our goal is to make sure that during that hour that we decide to volunteer, our attention is solely on the safety of our donors. Although you may be tempted, we want this to be an unforgettable experience, each and every time you volunteer.

Brief descriptions of the positions:

  1. Greeter: You will be the first thing that the donors see when they walk up ready to donate. You will assist in ensuring that they are eligible and assist in answering all questions that they may have. You will also be signing them in and helping them start their journey towards saving 3 lives.
  2. Canteen: You are responsible for all donors after they have given their blood donations. Many times, we do not know how a donor will react, especially if its their first time giving blood or if they ate nothing before the donation. You ensure that these donors are hydrated and fed with food given by our sponsors prior to leaving. You will also be interacting with the donors the most here in this position. I cannot emphasize enough how important this job is. By interacting with donors from start to finish you will be able to ensure that they have unchanged levels of consciousness from the moment they sat down to the moment they leave. Remember if a patient were to ever, in any situation, go down due to fatigue, you can shout the word “Chair” and there were will be others who will come to your assist!
  3. Walker: You are responsible to getting the donor from the donation beds to the canteen table. This job ensures that all of our donors can get to the table in the safest way possible.
  4. Traffic Controller: At times, the blood drives can get pretty hectic and there will be dozens of donors flooding the blood drives at once. Your job is to ensure that the order of donators are correct and to assist the American Red Cross Personnels who is next.
  5. Recruiter: This is a fun job. You get to get out of your comfort zone and really get to interact with students around campus. Your job is to not only recruit people to donate but to help them understand why it is so important. You explain their role in this cycle of life that can really change their lives. You are a spokesperson and an advocate.

Don’t worry! Your OSC will go over everything with you and remind you of your task. You will never be put in an uncomfortable situation or a situation that you have no idea what is happening. We are here to help and make this experience an amazing one for you.