What’s Happening?

Hello SRCC Members!


See below for weekly updates:

Blood Drives that need OSCs:

Mon. January 16th (1-6pm) HUB (Heritage Hall)

Tues. January 17th (9am-5pm) HUB (Alumni Hall)

Wed. January 18th (8-10am, 11am-3:30pm) Ag Sci 118

Thurs. January 19th (9am-5pm) Hammond

Fri. January 20th (8am-3:30pm) OPP Conference Room


On-Site Coordinator (OSC) Training:

Are you interested in a leadership role with the Red Cross Club at the blood drives?  On-Site Coordinators are student trained volunteers that supervise and delegate roles to volunteers for an hour of the blood drives.  Training sessions for On-Site Coordinators will begin January 19th (Thursday) at 7 pm in 265 Willard and will last about an hour.  The second session is January 25th at 7 pm in 268 Willard.  You would only have to attend ONE of these training sessions.  There will be other options for training dates and times later in the semester.  If you have any questions about what an OSC does or the process of becoming an OSC, come to a training session or email Michala at mca5206@psu.edu.


Current OSC Update (Please READ):

This semester we will be implementing the new system with Greek Life.  The sponsoring Greek orgs for each drive will receive a copy of the excel spreadsheet to have participating members sign up on.  These volunteers will be used solely as recruiters and there will be limited slots for each org varying based on size/goal of the drive.  IF you are running low on regular volunteers, you can pull recruiters from these lists when they show up to volunteer.  To sign in the recruiters for Greek orgs, just initial by their names on the sheet when they show up.  Still explain what they are to do and send them to a heavy traffic area to recruit.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email Michala at mca5206@psu.edu.



Sunday, 8 PM, 456 E. Beaver Ave. Apt. 501

Come get to know your fellow club members!


Watch our first video: 10 Tips for Donating Blood:  https://youtu.be/Syff_iA74No

-Special thanks to Sean Rogers and Evelyn Garcia for organizing this and putting this together!  Make sure you share it with your friends!



Relay for Life:

– Celebrate.  Remember.  Fight Back.


1 PM Friday April 8 to 1 PM Saturday April 9

– JOIN our team @ tinyurl.com/RELAY17

– $5 discount, this week only AKA NOW!

– Promo code:  RELAY2017

– LEAD our team as a captain!

– Contact Bevyn, bmm5650@psu.edu



Scrubby Bear:

– Will be starting spring semester

– Make sure you start getting your paperwork together if you plan on participating

PSU v MSU Blood Challenge Results:  

– PSU-1079, MSU-843

– Total Lives Saved:  ~5700


Updated Social Media:

Facebook – Red Cross at Penn State

Twitter – @redcrosspsu

Insta – @redcrosspsu

Website – http://psuredcross.org/


Please continue to sign up for all volunteer opportunities at volunteer.psu.edu